Honeycomb Panels

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Honeycomb Panels. Our setup is situated in Shivapur, Pune, Maharashtra, India. We export worldwide but majorly we serve our product to customers from Pune.
Price*: Rs 150 / Square Meter
*Actual Price may vary due to customization / change in Thikness, paper quality / order quantity

Standard Product Details:

Display panels and Furniture, cabin partitions
  Dimension   Length x Width (mm)
Production width is 1260mm
Min. dimensions (L x W) : 500 x 500 mm
15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 55, 60 (in mm)
  Node Size
6 mm
  Cell Size
12 mm
  Top and Bottomm Layer
Virgin / Kraft paper
  Minimum Order Quantity
1000 Square Meter
Detailed Description
Panels are robust and sturdy as plywood boards. Honeycomb paper panels are available in variety of thicknesses and Sizes. Panels are custom made as per customer demand.
Honeycomb panels are also used to make indoor modular Furniture and Display accessories. Panels can withstand 35 kg/sq.ft. with minimal lateral support.

Working Principle
The honeycomb panel is nothing but the layer of high grade paper and honeycomb core. The main strength is in core, Honeycomb core is flexible and can be stretched up to 15 times its original size. The top and bottom papers are also called as “outliners”. Outliners are useful to keep honeycomb core at its position, making it straight and stable. Sandwiching mainly involves gluing and heat treatment.

Features of Honeycomb Panels
• High stiffness and smooth surface
• Great folding Strength
• Compatible with all types of adhesives and laminates
• Pure white Paper (optional): For sharp, High contrast printing
• Laminated with water resistant layer (optional)

Applications of Honeycomb Panels
• The honeycomb panels are used as Stackers, partition for portable cabins, writing boards, portable sofa and many more.
• There are special companies who make custom-made panels and furniture by honeycomb panels.)

Advantages of Honeycomb Panels
• High pressure strength yet Lightweight
• Modifications : Appropriate for gluing processes with UF, PVA or PUR Hot melt
• Suitable as a core material between facings of softwood, paperboard, plywood, plasterboard, chipboard, MDF, HDF, melamine and steel.
• Paper honeycomb filled panels can easily be fitted with the help of hollow core anchors. Plasterboard partitions as well as wooden or melamine skin partitions are widely used   as exhibition stall and office cubicle walls.

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