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honeycomb panels

Honeycomb paper boards are made up of kraft paper which is mainly used as raw material for packaging purposes. Honeycomb paper boards are available in variety of thicknesses and therefore mainly used as buffer in boxes. Honeycomb boards are modified to fill the void spaces in box. This will ensure that product will not shake or misplace from its place inside the box.

honeycomb panels

Panels are robust and sturdy as plywood boards. Honeycomb paper panels are available in variety of thicknesses and Sizes. Panels are custom made as per customer demand.Honeycomb panels are also used to make indoor modular Furniture and Display accessories. Panels can withstand 35 kg/sq.ft. with minimal lateral support.

paper pallets

Paper pallets are not only sturdy and lightweight but also eco-friendly. Despite of wooden pallets paper pallets are vermin free, and 100% hygienic. Cost effective and perfect solution found. But paper has certain limitations. Today, we have successfully overcome all limitations.Paper pallets are more durable, water resistant and lightweight. Paper pallets have loading capacity up to 1200kg.

corner protectors

"Honeycomb corner support and Edge protectors" are moulded from Honeycomb Boards, the corner supports ensures Damage proof and protected transport. Unlike other conventional supports, honeycomb Supports are lightweight very easy to install and apply. Honeycomb supports are available in various sizes and thicknesses. There is an advance version of fitments which can bear up to 50 Kg/sq. in. Supports leave no marks on product.

honeycomb corner edge protectors and fitments

"Honeycomb Fitments" are advanced version of Honeycomb Boards, the fitments ensures better stability and enhanced cushioning. its simple yet robust design, easy to apply and 100% bio-degradability.

honeycomb cores

Honeycomb Core is an marvellous product used for making all types of interior doors by virtue of its high pressure strength. It is an ideal substitute to traditional solid fillings, chipboard strips or tube boards.

honeycomb cores for door fillings

Honeycomb Core serves as a proper, low-cost, firm core or filling for furniture sandwich panels. They contribute to making of lightweight but robust furniture by offering a high strength-to-weight and strength-to-thickness ratios.

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